Thank You and You
If you have stumbled upon this URL you will soon realize that I have unfortunately deleted my blog. A big thank you goes out to all my friends who I have met while supporting these boys. From being the "J-HONG's #1 WIFE ND FAN" to "PERSON WHO HATES ALL OF J-HONG'S GUTS AND WANTS TO MURDER HIM" and eventually to "PLEASE TOUCH MY LIMBS BU SEUNGGWAN", I truly appreciate each and everyone one of you who went through my name calling, butt talking, boxer screen capping moments. The days where I would wake up at 3 am to watch silly teenage boys goof around in a puke green colored dance practice room will always bring a smile to my face. No, I have not stopped supporting seventeen but rather I just deleted because I have too much on my plate. Once again, thank you and seventeen fighting! SM17E fighting!

P.S. Josh Hong is still a piece of shit
P.P.S. seunggwan i still love you